Want To Upgrade To First Class? Flight Attendants Reveal What You Should Wear

Dust off that blazer.

Flight attendants have revealed the outfit you should wear if you want to get upgraded to First Class when travelling: and it’s bad news if you live in leggings and a t-shirt.

The attendants told Who What Wear that a person’s outfit “definitely helps your chances” when it comes to getting an upgrade. And sadly, it seems that comfort isn’t key.

javi_indy via Getty Images

In short, they said a person’s outfit “definitely helps your chances” when it comes to getting an upgrade on a flight. They said you should dress “smart but understated” and “look like you travel often”.

They warned against wearing head-to-toe designer clothing. Instead, it seems, you should look like typical Zara clientele - and by that we mean smart tailored trousers teamed with a blazer. Or chinos and a shirt.

One flight attendant said travellers should avoid jeans, joggers and dirty trainers at all costs. Although if you’re flying long haul, you might want to opt for comfort over class.

Travel blogger Gilbert Ott has frequently flown First and Business Class. He tells HuffPost UK that he’s doubtful people would be upgraded because of their outfit. “If anyone is upgraded it’s because a computer says so, or a reservation agent needs someone to move to make space for inconvenienced passengers or an oversold flight,” he says.

“I’ll play the game though. I wear stretchy jeans or slacks [trousers], a t-shirt and blazer usually with some slip-on shoes, such as Vans. But I’ve never been or seen anyone get upgraded because of clothes.”

So how, in Ott’s opinion, should we be getting upgrades? He suggests buying an upgrade (obvs) or using travel reward points from a credit card or provider. If that isn’t possible he says: “Volunteer to be on a later flight if the flight is oversold, pick full flights and fly with one airline regularly - loyalty matters more than any other factor.”