Revealed: Why Coffee Has A Tendency To Taste Rubbish On Flights

*Orders water instead*

If you’ve ever sat and wondered why coffee tastes a bit naff on planes, listen up.

According to Travel + Leisure, there are three things to blame for your below average cup of Joe: the water, the brewing process and your taste buds.

Jacob Sjoman Svensson/Folio Images via Getty Images

Firstly, the water used for coffee sits in tanks for ages which means it isn’t the freshest (or cleanest) it could be, according to the site.

The brewing process is another culprit as, at 35,000ft, water boils at a much lower temperature. Andrew Hetzel, a coffee quality and trade consultant, said this disturbs the extraction process so that only some of the coffee solids get dissolved. Bits in your coffee? No thank you.

The final nail in the coffin is that your taste perception alters by roughly 30% when flying thanks to cabin pressure, dry air and altitude.

But there is a saving grace. If your coffee is too bitter, experts recommend popping a bit of salt in there to give it a more mellow taste.

That said, we’ll probably just stick to bottled water from now on.