04/04/2017 14:58 BST

Espresso Spread Is Here And It's The Breakfast Treat Of Coffee Gods

Hello caffeine 😍

Step aside chocolate spread because there’s a new toast topping in town that’s seriously tickling our fancy.

The world’s first espresso coffee spread is set to launch in Selfridges to give breakfast an extra boost.

The new Espresso Spread allows coffee lovers to enjoy their favourite caffeinated drink in a whole new form, just in time for UK Coffee Week. 


Developed by Flat Brew, the smooth spread is designed to be enjoyed on toast, with pastries or simply devoured by the spoonful straight from the jar.

The team were keen to create a spread that didn’t alter the pure and simple taste of the coffee beans and took nearly a year to develop the winning blend of Arabica coffee, cocoa butter, a little sugar and cream.

With 35g of coffee per jar (9g being is a single shot of espresso) the spread packs a punch with a bitter taste coffee connoisseurs will recognise.

It’s jet black colour means this spread isn’t quite as pretty as jam when dolloped on a crumpet, but we’re still excited to give it a go.

The spread is launching exclusively at Selfridges, Oxford Street, for UK Coffee Week (10 -16 April) and costs £5.99 for a 285g jar.

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