Urban Fox Climbs Into London Vet’s Dishwasher

There are around 33,000 foxes living in Britain – with London alone boasting 16 per square mile.

So it should come as little surprise to hear some of the crafty creatures are sometimes caught sneaking into our homes.

One would be forgiven however, for raising an eyebrow upon being greeted with this sight.

No you are not mistaken, that IS a fox in a dishwasher. And luckily for him, that dishwasher belongs to London vet Simon Hayes.

In a Facebook post, Village Vet London wrote: “Our head vet at Winchmore Hill, Simon Hayes, had a bit of a shock Sunday night when he walked into his kitchen and found a fox cub in his dishwasher!

“Simon managed to coax the terrified little guy out and he ran outside to be reunited with mum. A bit different to finding the next door cat in your house!”

I'll bet.

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