Urgent Spain Travel Warning Issued to All UK Holidaymakers Heading Abroad

Anyone heading to Spain on holiday has been urged to take care.
The UK Foreign Office have updated their guidance
gionnixxx via Getty Images
The UK Foreign Office have updated their guidance

The UK Foreign Office has added a new alert to anyone visiting Spain at the moment due to possible unrest.

The UK is not the only country facing a cost of living crisis and in Spain a number of protests have broken out as workers in the EU country call for increased wages and pensions in line with inflation.

The majority of protests have been peaceful, but the government department has warned that there is the possibility that ‘unrest or violence’ may take place.

Last week, a large demonstration took place in Madrid and in Barcelona protestors blocked the city’s airport and major roads. Rail services across Spain were also disrupted.

In an update issued on Friday October 28, the Foreign Office said: “Demonstrations, political gatherings, or marches may take place in Spain with little or no warning, particularly in cities. You should follow the advice of police and local authorities.

“While the vast majority of demonstrations are peaceful, there is a risk of isolated incidents of unrest or violence.

“If you’re in and around areas where demonstrations are taking place, remain vigilant and move away quickly if there are signs of disorder.”

The warning comes after all of Spain’s Covid rules were relaxed earlier this month, with tourists from the UK now allowed to travel freely without any restrictions.