The trio dropped the bombshell revelation while accepting the prestigious £843,000 Planeta literary prize in front of King Felipe VI of Spain.
Volcanic ash, smoke and lava have transformed the Canary Island in just 10 days.
More than 5,000 people were evacuated on Sunday after the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted.
Transport secretary Grant Shapps U-turns on rules imposed just three weeks ago
If you're thinking of booking a trip to somewhere on the amber travel list, read this first.
With holidays on hold, locals in Thailand, Spain and Croatia sent HuffPost UK a postcard of life without tourists.
It is believed the blast may have been caused by a gas leak.
Britain is under fire for its handling of the jabs, but the rollout in some other countries has been described as a “disaster”.
Nations including Germany, Spain and France are moving to tighten restrictions amid fears of a third Covid peak.
There will be a nighttime curfew between 11pm and 6am as the country tries to get spiralling Covid-19 cases under control.
Lawyers representing three men who arrived in Britain on small boats raised concerns that people could end up destitute in Spain.
Officers in protective suits charged the woman with crimes against public health and marched her away in handcuffs.
Europeans are sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories and photos of US protests on Telegram, where they plan their own demonstrations.
Chief medical officers for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales confirm shift from one-week isolation for anyone with symptoms.
Baroness Buscombe is accused of "blaming the public" as she says taxpayers should not fund extra help for people now facing quarantine measures.
The prime minister defended imposition of quarantine on people returning from Spain and says public must remain "vigilant".
Labour call for proper contingency plans for returning holidaymakers as tens of thousands of Brits face chaos over summer plans.
Minister could not guarantee other countries would not be cut from the "safe list" in weeks ahead.
When do the new quarantine rules come into force? Why now? And what if you're already abroad?
Ministers are expected to make an announcement on removal of the travel corridor after a spike in Covid-19 cases.