US Senator’s Call For ‘Idiot Control’ Instead Of Gun Control Backfires Badly

John Kennedy lambasted over comments made less than 24 hours after mass shooting in Colorado.

US senator John Kennedy tested out a colorful turn of words on Tuesday as he argued against gun control less than 24 hours after a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, claimed 10 lives.

It didn’t go well for the Louisiana lawmaker.

“We do not need more gun control,” he claimed on Fox News. “We need more idiot control.”

Kennedy also twice on Tuesday made the false comparison that background checks and other basic gun control measures are akin to handling drunk drivers by taking cars away from sober drivers.

“I don’t even know what to say to that, it’s so stupid,” CNN’s Jake Tapper observed on the air in response.

The comparison... and his “idiot control” comments... caused Kennedy’s name to trend on Twitter.

Many pointed out the logical fallacy of his argument. Others just noted a good place to start the “idiot control” might be with certain lawmakers:


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