Valentine's Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers Including Bar Carts, Gadgets And More

Love is in the... Rosé 🍷

If you’d rather not get your other half chocolates, teddies or balloons this Valentine’s Day, we’re here for you.

This year, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on something far more important than generic gifts. And that special something is... Wine.

Below you’ll find a selection of gift ideas for those who love nothing more than to guzzle the vino (be it red, white or rosé) on a weekly basis.

From wine gadgets that promise to make hangovers a thing of the past, to experiences for you and your beloved to share - here’s our pick of the best gifts for wine-lovers.

And if you don’t do Valentine’s Day then that’s fine too. Just get it them for their birthday instead... Or just buy it for yourself.

Wine Not? Print, £20
A snazzy wall hanging for those who bare their love of wine with pride.

Price: £20
Buy it here.
Wino Sippers,
Wino Sippers
You may be thinking, 'why on Earth would I buy my partner these?', but don't be hasty.

Wino Sippers are wine glasses with built-in straws that are designed to remove the embarrassment (and downright annoyance) of wine-stained teeth.

Price: £21
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Vintage Bar Cart, £175
Bar carts are super cool and a stylish way to store your fanciest bottles of booze. Yes it's not cheap, but it's well worth the moolah.

Price: £175
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Üllo Wine Purifier, £65
This clever contraption removes sulphites from wine. Sulphites are artificial preservatives added during production, which are no longer needed once the bottle is opened. It is believed that these preservatives are responsible for causing hangovers.

To cut a long story short: hangover-free wine = THE best thing since sliced bread.

Price: £64
Buy it here.
Lever Corkscrew, £39.99
Introducing the corkscrew to end all corkscrews. This handy little number comes with nifty levers that make de-corking wine a breeze. In fact, it removes them in less than three seconds.

Price: £39.99
Buy it here.
Wine Pourer And Aerator, £35
Georg Jensen
Perfect for the impatient wine buff who loves nothing more than to crack open a bottle of red and pour it straight away, without giving it time to breathe.

Price: £35
Buy it here.
Wine Socks, £10.76
Socks usually make for pretty lousy gifts. But not these bad boys, which come with an excellent call to action.

Price: £10.76
Buy it here.
Vacuum Wine Stopper, £10.50
Le Creuset
If your other half is one of those rare breeds who makes a bottle of wine last a week, this is the perfect gift. The wine stopper sucks all of the air out of your bottle, keeping it air-tight and fresher for longer.

Price: £10.50
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Vineyard Tour Experience, £49
If you're looking for the next level up from super cool wine gadgets, go for an experience instead. This vineyard tour and tasting session with lunch or afternoon tea is available in seven locations across the UK.

Price: £49
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