22/11/2017 15:41 GMT

Vegan Christmas Gifts: Chocolate, Hampers, Cookbooks And (Of Course) Dairy-Free Bailey's

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Buying Christmas gifts for vegan loved ones can be tough if you’re not one yourself.

By definition, a vegan is a person who doesn’t eat or use animal products. In a world where a hell of a lot of things are still made using these products, it can result in plenty of gift-buying headaches. 

To help you choose the perfect present, we’ve narrowed down your options to 28 thoughtful gifts that are 100% suitable for vegans.

From PETA-approved faux fur jackets to beauty products, hampers, cookbooks and this year’s much-coveted vegan Bailey’s - there’s definitely something for everyone. 

  • Vegan Tote Bag, £7.99
    Vegan Tote Bag, £7.99
    This 100% cotton tote bag comes complete with a printed heart and the word 'vegan' so everyone will know they're doing amazing things for the planet.

    Price: £7.99
    Buy it here.
  • Honest Gathered Herb Candle, £30
    Honest Gathered Herb Candle, £30
    These lovely candles are made using soy wax and the wicks are created with eco-friendly cotton. The entire Honest range is made from 100% pure ingredients and is not tested on animals, plus the packaging is biodegradable. 

    Price: £30
    Buy it here.
  • Toasted Marshmallow Vegan Bath Bomb, £3.40
    Toasted Marshmallow Vegan Bath Bomb, £3.40
    Dirty Vegans
    What could be more festive than a toasted marshmallow bath bomb? Contains Shea butter for super soft skin.

    Price: £3.40
    Buy it here.
  • Dr Martens Chelsea Boots, £135
    Dr Martens Chelsea Boots, £135
    Dr Martens
    Dr Martens have a range of shoes suitable for vegans. This Chelsea boot is a slick, uncompromisingly fashion-forward look for both men and women.

    Price: £135
    Buy them here.
  • '15 Minute Vegan' Cookbook, £15
    '15 Minute Vegan' Cookbook, £15
    '15 Minute Vegan' by Katy Beskow is jam-packed with tasty yet simple recipes for the vegan who's always on-the-go. It's got 5 star reviews on Amazon and the people don't lie.

    Price: £15
    Buy it here.
  • British Cassis, £19.99
    British Cassis, £19.99
    This blackcurrant liqueur comes in a beautifully festive bottle. It'll add a touch of sweetness to their glass of (vegan) bubbly. 

    Price: £19.99
    Buy it here.
  • Neek Lipsticks, £15.99
    Neek Lipsticks, £15.99
    Aussie brand NEEK sells vegan lipsticks in beautiful shades, all of which are presented in real bamboo tubes. Pretty.

    Price: £15.99
    Buy it here.
  • Black Cube Wallet, £35
    Black Cube Wallet, £35
    Hetty and Sam
    A stylish cube design wallet made from 100% vegan leather. Features a gold pattern against a black background, and comes with six credit card compartments and two pockets.

    Price: £35
    Buy it here.
  • Pink Clay Mask, £39.90
    Pink Clay Mask, £39.90
    Sand Sky
    A 4-in-1 treatment made from Australian Pink Clay which helps detoxify and brighten skin in just 10 minutes. The mask is designed to absorbs dirt and impurities, drawing out toxins from the skin.

    Price: £39.90
    Buy it here.
  • Vegan Beers, £30.50
    Vegan Beers, £30.50
    Honest Brew
    A case of 12 vegan-friendly brews perfect for those who want to steer clear of animal products.

    Price: £30.50
    Buy it here.
  • Alchemy Hair Oils, £25
    Alchemy Hair Oils, £25
    Alchemy Oils are certified by the Vegan Society and PETA. Treat your pal to a gift set containing three hair remedies: Peppermint, Amla and Grapefruit. 

    Price: £25
    Buy it here.
  • Tote Bag, £64
    Tote Bag, £64
    Engineered from silicone, these eye-catching totes were designed by two Berkshire based women who wanted more from their arm candy than a designer logo and hefty price tag. The bags are designed to stand the test of time and can be used in the office, on the school run, for shopping, yoga, gym, swimming and even on a night out.

    Price: £64
    Buy it here.
  • One-Bottle Blender, £32.99
    One-Bottle Blender, £32.99
    A one-bottle personal blender so they can blend their favourite fruits into a smoothie or juice, straight into a bottle.

    Price: £32.99
    Buy it here.
  • Urtekram Nordic Birch, From £5.35
    Urtekram Nordic Birch, From £5.35
    Urtekram Nordic Birch
    A range of beauty products from Danish organic beauty brand Urtekram Nordic Birch to naturally care for the face, hair and body. All products are Vegan Society-approved and free from parabens, synthetic ingredients and artificial colours. 

    Prices from £5.35
    Buy it here.
  • Vegan Hamper, £70
    Vegan Hamper, £70
    Whole Foods Market
    A selection of some of the best vegan goodies Whole Foods Market has to offer. Delicious.

    Price: £70
    Buy it here.
  • Raw Chocolate Gift Set, £18.99
    Raw Chocolate Gift Set, £18.99
    Raw Halo
    A Christmas gift box filled with six bars of raw chocolate. Suitable for vegans, as well as people on a dairy-free or gluten-free diet. 

    Price: £18.99
    Buy it here.
  • Vegan Almande Bailey’s, £19.99
    Vegan Almande Bailey’s, £19.99
    Whole Foods Market
    If you know a vegan, chances are they've got their eyes on this vegan Bailey's made with almond milk.

    Price: £19.99
    Buy it from all Whole Foods Market stores or online.
  • Personalised Marmite, £4.99
    Personalised Marmite, £4.99
    Marmite's vegan, so why not treat your pal to a personalised jar of the controversial spread? They'll either love it or hate it.

    Price: £4.99
    Buy it here.
  • Metallic Grey Loafers, £99
    Metallic Grey Loafers, £99
    Beyond Skin
    PETA-approved vegan loafers made from faux leather. The metallic shine is guaranteed to turn heads.

    Price: £99
    Buy it here.
  • Pineapple Purse, £28
    Pineapple Purse, £28
    Hetty and Sam
    This delightful little number is made with vegan leather, aka silk grain polyurethane, meaning no animals were harmed or endangered in making it.

    Price: £28
    Buy it here.
  • Vegan Cork Belt, £27.27
    Vegan Cork Belt, £27.27
    A handmade belt made from cork. According to Etsy's FAQs section, the belt feels like leather but it comes from the cork oak tree instead of an animal. Nice.

    Price: £27.27
    Buy it here.
  • Set Of Two Toiletry Bags, £60
    Set Of Two Toiletry Bags, £60
    Matt and Nat
    Two stylish toiletry cases in different sizes from Matt and Nat's oh-so-beautiful small vegan goods collection.

    Price: £60
    Buy it here.
  • Makeup Brushes, From £11
    Makeup Brushes, From £11
    Kohl Kreatives
    These Kohl Kreatives makeup brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. Plus they look like something from the future.

    Prices from £11
    Buy it here.
  • Herbivore T-Shirt, £7.65
    Herbivore T-Shirt, £7.65
    Your vegan mate will seriously enjoy this 100% cotton t-shirt with the slogan 'Herbivore'. Comes in a range of colours, but we're loving it in black.

    Price: £7.65
    Buy it here.
  • Olive Oil Gift Set, £19.95
    Olive Oil Gift Set, £19.95
    Gutsy, fruity, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil all the way from Puglia. Because every vegan recipe deserves a touch of luxury.

    Price: £19.95
    Buy it here.
  • Faux Fur Grey Jacket, £75
    Faux Fur Grey Jacket, £75
    Animal-lovers can still wrap up warm and snuggly this season, with faux fur jackets from Jakke. The brand won the PETA Vegan Fashion Awards earlier this year, so it's not to be sniffed at.

    Price: £75
    Buy it here.
  • Veja Trainers, £67
    Veja Trainers, £67
    Forget the black Vans that everyone's wearing, these trainers are stylish and vegan-friendly as they're made from organic cotton and wild rubber.

    Price: €75 (£67)
    Buy them here.
  • Vegan Leather Planner, £30
    Vegan Leather Planner, £30
    Three Six Five
    This pink planner is made from vegan leather and comes with a kickass slogan: the world is your freakin oyster.

    Price: £30
    Buy it here.