Vegan Recipes To Help You Through Veganuary, Including Lasagna, Katsu Curry, Burgers And Pancakes

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If you’re struggling to find vegan food inspiration for Veganuary, Pinterest can be a great place to start.

For those uninitiated, Veganuray is an annual initiative where non-vegans pledge to stick to a vegan diet throughout January.

Pinterest is packed with recipes that turn the nation’s favourite meat dishes into vegan-friendly delights.

According to the site, there has been a 98% increase in people saving vegan recipe ideas this January in comparison to last year.

From a mushroom-based vegan lasagna to guilt-free vegan pancakes, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite ideas below.

Click on each to see the full recipe.

Replace meat with mushrooms, ditch the traditional bechamel sauce and top your dinner with vegan cheese to create a lasagna perfect for Veganuary. This recipe is also gluten-free.

Thanks to vegan replacements, this broccoli-based casserole has a creamy texture, without the cream.

Meatballs may sound like a vegan’s worst nightmare, but this recipe is aubergine-based and finished with a host of fresh herbs.

This vegan delight uses flax “eggs” to replace regular eggs, soy milk and vegan puff pasty. As the name suggests, beetroot is the star of the show, replacing the traditional beef.

This vegan curry is an egg-free version of the popular Japanese dish, including aubergine, carrots and sweet potato.

These burgers are not only vegan but also gluten-free. Key ingredients include chickpeas, fresh basil, sun dried tomatoes and ground almonds.

This recipe allows you to enjoy vegan pizza in just 20 minutes. Top with vegan parmesan, alongside mushrooms, peppers and garlic.

You don’t have to miss out on sweet treats during Veganuary. This pancake recipe can be made using soya or almond milk. Instead of butter, it uses small quantities of coconut oil and vegetable oil.

Switch to dairy-free butter and top this pie with vegan ice-cream to make a vegan-friendly dessert guaranteed to impress your non-vegan mates.

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