We Really, Really Hope This Exciting Victoria Beckham Rumour Turns Out To Be True

The former Spice Girl quickly won viewers' hearts after the premiere of David's Netflix documentary.
Victoria Beckham in the Beckham Netflix documentary
Victoria Beckham in the Beckham Netflix documentary

There’s no doubt that Victoria Beckham was a standout star from Beckham, a four-part Netflix docu-series that explores all aspects of her husband’s life.

The film charted the highs and lows of David Beckham’s life and career, featuring interviews with his wife, who many feel stole the show due to her humorous charm.

And now, it seems fans may be in for another treat, as reports have claimed she is about to land a documentary series of her own.

According to The Sun, the fashion designer has been approached about starring in a series that will document her life; throwing it back to her Spice Girls fame to building her luxury fashion house and clean luxury beauty and skincare brand.

They claim discussions have been continuous since the summer on a potential series.

An unnamed source also told the publication that the show would allow people to “see, in depth, her wit and sarcasm” – something fans particularly loved about her appearances in Beckham.

The report also suggested many of her celebrity pals could be set to feature, too.

Needless to say the reports – while still unconfirmed – have been met with much excitement online.

HuffPost UK has reached out to Netflix for comment, and is awaiting a response.

When Beckham dropped on the streaming service earlier this month, Victoria amused viewers during a particular moment that saw her claim to have grown up “working class”.

However, David was quick to dispel this myth, leaving her to admit that her father drove her to school in a Rolls Royce.

Beckham is available to watch on Netflix now.


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