People Are Sharing Their Favourite Retro Victoria And David Beckham Clips – And They're Honestly Amazing

Following the release of Netflix documentary Beckham, social media has been reflecting on some old school Posh and Becks moments.
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
Samir Hussein via Getty Images

Netflix documentary Beckham arrived on Netflix earlier this week, offering fans a never-before-seen look into the “meteoric rise from humble beginnings to global football stardom” of England’s golden boy.

More importantly for some, however, Victoria Beckham AKA Posh Spice also stars, and has reminded fans why the pair were (and probably still are) the UK’s original power couple.

Prompted by the doc – including one hilarious moment that shows David badgering his wife to tell the truth about growing up working class – the internet has been sent into a tailspin of Posh-and-Beck-mania, with many now sharing their favourite moments from the archives.

Following on from a post on X (formerly Twitter) that reads: “Despite [Beckham] primarily being about David’s career, let’s take a moment to celebrate the hilarious on-camera moments from one of the most prolific and important documentarians of our time: Victoria Caroline Beckham,” one thread has highlighted some of the former Spice Girl’s most iconic moments.

First off is a clip of the backlash surrounding Victoria’s (fake) lip piercing in 2002 – and after she read that Katie Price had called her a “bad influence,” Victoria replied: “I’d hate to think where she has fake piercings.” Meow.

Another classic is an interview with Vics after a day at Buckingham Palace – which, in her own words, wasn’t “quite so stylish as Beckingham Palace.” For those not in the know, the latter is a property based in Hertfordshire that was owned by the Beckhams for over a decade.

In the same clip from the 2004 video, Victoria is stunned that the now late Queen Elizabeth greeted every guest at the palace: “I mean, some guy got a medal for services to the Inland Revenue - who the hell would want to talk to him!?”

Victoria Beckham: Coming to America (2007), is also getting a lot of love for its resurfaced clips of Posh. Namely, an ‘interview’ with a personal assistant in which the former tells the latter that she should buy some high heels and a second segment which depicts the pop star getting her drivers licence done at the DMV.

Another high camp clip sees Victoria wanting to redo her photo, and then when told to sign a form, asks: “Do you want me to write it to anyone? Oh, you mean a signature, not an autograph.”

Further clips and pictures from the early noughties posted to on X inspired a lot of nostalgia-inspired love for the couple.

One photo even captures just how famous the pair were as individuals at the height of their reign.

Sorry but let’s not downplay Victoria Beckham’s popularity in the 90s. She was a literal spice girl. She had her husband doing this. Willingly,” one user wrote atop a photo of the couple in dashing purple outfits.

Rightfully so, another user pointed out that it was never a popularity contest – and Posh and Becks were simply learning to “maximise their joint slay”.

Other resurfaced snaps include a collection of some of the couple’s best outfits...

Beckham is available to stream on Netflix now.


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