09/09/2016 12:02 BST | Updated 09/09/2016 14:38 BST

'Drawing On Style' Exhibition At Gray M.C.A. Captures The Elegance Of Vintage Fashion

Calling all London style fans.

A new exhibition featuring vintage fashion illustrations is coming to London as part of Fashion Week.

Held by Gray M.C.A. at Gallery 8 in St James’s, the exhibit will feature a series of illustrations from the 1940s to the 1970s, alongside present day portraits.

Some of the drawings have never been seen before, while others have appeared in the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel.

‘Drawing On Style’ will run from Thursday 15 to Tuesday 20 September, but we’ve scored a preview of some of the most elegant artwork due to go on show for your viewing pleasure below:

  • Rene Bouche
    'Red Suit' for Conde Nast in January 1950, by Rene Bouche.
  • Pierre Louchel
    'Fleurs Des Champs' hats by designer Janette Colombier in 1943, by Pierre Louchel.
  • Pierre Simon
    Balmain, by Pierre Simon (1907-1999).
  • Kenneth Paul Block
    Cardin runway, by Kenneth Paul Block (1924-2009).
  • Rene Bouche
    Saks Fifth Avenue New York for Conde Nast in the 1950s, by Rene Bouche.
  • Pierre Simon
    'Day Wear with Fur Trim', by Pierre Simon (1907-1999).
  • Christian Berard
    'Model In Evening Dress', by Christian Berard (1902-1949).
  • Rene Bouche
    Saks Fifth Avenue New York for Conde Nast in the 1950s, by Rene Bouche.
  • Caroline Smith
    'Hers' range for The Observer in February 1968, by Caroline Smith.
  • Carl Eric Erickson
    'Model With Broach & Grey Tailleur', by Carl 'Eric' Erickson (1891-1958).
  • Rene Bouche
    'Woman In Pink Suit', by Rene Bouche (1905-1963).
  • Rene Gruau
    'Model With Black Glove', by Rene Gruau (1909-2004).
  • Kenneth Paul Block
    Givenchy runway, by Kenneth Paul Block (1924-2009).
  • Pierre Simon
    Balanciaga in 1955, by Pierre Simon.
  • Angela Landels
    Zandra Rhodes in 1977, by Angela Landels.