Yep, There's Another New Zara Dress Everyone's Wearing This Summer

Here we go again 👗
HuffPost UK/Zara

There’s a new Zara dress that’s gone viral and we’re back to playing our favourite fashion game: spotting it in the wild.

First, there was That Coat – a patterned number first produced by Zara in 2016 that inspired its own Instagram account. But soon, it had a rival.

The Dress – the black and white polka dot midi – became unavoidable during pre-pandemic 2019, with hype on yet-unseen levels. Women wore it to brunch, to baby showers and even to their own weddings. It too inspired its very own Instagram account, not to mention countless newspaper articles.

This year on TikTok, younger women said enough of these shapeless, floaty numbers and the Pink Slip Dress became the outfit du jour (#ZaraPinkDress has gained more than 9.7million views since the spring).

But this summer, there’s another mini patterned dress that women can’t get enough of. Because say what you want about Zara, the brand knows how to create designs with unrivalled mass appeal.


The latest viral dress, retailing at £32.99, comes in a variety of patterns and colours, but the pink and green paisley versions seem to be most popular.

On TikTok, user Sarah Gledhill shared a funny video counting the dresses at York Races.

The video has been liked more than 31,000 times and in the comments, others have been joking about seeing the dress everywhere, too.

“This has made my day,” one person said. “I’ve literally been sending my sister photos around London this last week every time I see this dress. It’s become a game.”

Another added: “Just seen two girls where [sic] that dress for at a hen do I went to yesterday.”

And a third joked: “Not me sat here at a staff event in the pink one.”

The dress has even found celeb fans, with Eddie Izzard snapped wearing it on the way to the airport.

And over on Instagram, you don’t have to scroll for long before you’ll find women rocking the look.

We’re yet to spot an Instagram account dedicated to this year’s new It Dress, but just give it time.

And until then, if you’ve nabbed one yourself, we salute you. You’ve clearly got excellent taste.