Fast fashion

Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry – and the second-biggest polluter on the planet. Demand for cheap clothes has led to a rise in fast fashion, and every year we send over £140 million worth of clothes to landfill, while one in six of us have as many as five things in our wardrobe that we’ve never even worn. Here is exactly how fast fashion is harming the environment, and what you can do to stop it.
From navigating sizing, price and colour to the best day of the week to rummage for bargains – these tips will transform your wardrobe.
It's a treasure trove for bargain hunters and thrifty shoppers.
Bank statements served as a permanent reminder of my fast fashion addiction long after the forgettable pieces I’d bought, worn and tossed had headed to a landfill.
Primark and co dominate the UK fast fashion clothing market, but they also contribute huge amounts of water consumption, pollution and waste to our climate emergency.
Nearly 65 percent of the clothing we buy ends up in landfills.
Veganism is trendy. Cutting down on your clothing budget isn’t. But how could I consider myself to be an environmentalist if I continued to spend money on fast fashion?
The full cost isn't always reflected in the price tag.
You'll need a sewing kit, some glue, and a bit of imagination ✂️