16 Tweets That Sum Up Hating Clothing Haul Videos

"I will claw these eyes right out if I have to sit through one more influencer's fast-fashion loungewear haul."

When it comes to shopping for clothes, it seems that flipping through catalogs — or even browsing the racks in stores — has been replaced with a very 2020s shopping practice: influencer hauls.

In the simplest terms, this refers to a type of video that influencers make when they’ve purchased (or been given) a large quantity of clothes and accessories, either from one brand or a variety of mostly fast-fashion retailers. In the videos, they try on each item from their shopping “haul,” show how they would style it, describe what they think of the fit and look, and sometimes even ask for opinions about whether they should keep or return it. (See this, this or this.)

These try-on videos, which are very popular on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, have been subject to criticism for encouraging excessive consumption, promoting waste and unsustainable practices, and coming off as inauthentic or hypocritical at times.

If you can’t stand this trend, you’re not alone. We’ve rounded up 25 frank and funny tweets about influencer hauls.

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