Volodymyr Zelenskyy Evokes Winston Churchill In Speech To House Of Commons

Ukrainian president tells MPs: "We will not give up. We will not lose. We will fight to the end at sea in the air."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for more help from the UK in the fight against Russia, as he evoked the spirit of Winston Churchill during a speech to the House of Commons.

Appearing via videolink on screens hung over the chamber on Tuesday, Zelenskyy told MPs: “We will not give up. We will not lose.

“We will fight to the end at sea in the air. We will continue fighting for our land whatever the cost.

“We will fight in the forests in the fields on the shores in the streets.”

MPs gave Zelenskyy a standing ovation both at the start and the end of his speech.

House of Commons - PA Images via Getty Images

Addressing the prime minister, Zelenskyy said he was “very grateful to you Boris” for the assistance and weapons delivered so far.

“We are looking for your help. For the help of the civilised countries. We are thankful for this help,” he said.

“Please increase the pressure of sanctions,” Zelenskyy added. “Please make sure our Ukrainian skies are safe.”

Zelenskyy has pleaded with Nato to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine to stop Russian jets from bombing his country.

But the West has so far ruled out such a move, warning it would lead to a direct conflict with Nato and Russia.

Johnson praised Zelenskyy for “standing firm for democracy and for freedom”.

“In his righteous defence he has moved the hearts of everybody in this House.

“Britain and our allies are determined to press on with supplying our Ukraine friends with the weapons they need to defend their homeland as they deserve.”

Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, said Zelenskyy had “prompted the world into action when so often we have let Putin have his way”.


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