Vusi Nova Still In Shock But Physically Well After He Was Hijacked and Kidnapped

He was stripped off everything and dropped off in Soweto.

Musician Ntando Bangani says he is relieved that his friend and fellow artist, Vusi Nova, real name Vusi Nongxo, has been found unharmed following a hijacking and kidnapping on Friday morning.

Nova was hijacked outside his Melville home when returning from Bangani's album launch.

Speaking to the media outside Nova's home, Bangani said he could not believe it when he heard the news on TV.

"We spent time together last night at my launch. I did not sleep and this morning I attended an interview with a TV station only to hear that he's been kidnapped in a hijacking. That's when I rushed here. I am glad he's okay and he was found safe and sound. Though still in shock, he is alive and well," Bangani said.

He called on the powers that be to do something about crime in South Africa.

Nova's hijacking comes barely a month after the country was robbed of singer and actor Dumi Masilela who died in a botched hijacking in Tembisa.

Bangani said it's not fair for people to work hard only for others to come and grab their belongings.

"People work hard for what they have, we cannot live in a country where people can just come and take other people's belongings that they worked so hard for. I don't how, but a solution needs to be found. We have to address the issue of crime. It's a serious threat," he said.

Police have confirmed that investigations are underway and that a case of kidnapping and hijacking has been opened.

Spokesperson Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said Nova was dropped off in Soweto and managed to get a lift back to Johannesburg.

At the home, Nova's PA Delphine Klassen told the media that Nova was still in the first phase of shock but he was physically okay. His white Range Rover taken during the incident is yet to be recovered.


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