The Wagatha Christie Saga Is Being Turned Into A 'Unique' New Drama-Documentary

The Channel 4 series will reconstruct the High Court defamation trial with actors playing Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney.
Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney
Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney
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The Wagatha Christie saga is set to be turned into a “unique” new drama-documentary that will reconstruct the gripping Rebekah Vardy v Coleen Rooney court case.

Channel 4 has commissioned the two-part special, which will recreate the most incredible and unbelievable moments from the High Court defamation case using real court transcripts verbatim.

The high-profile libel battle had the nation hooked when it reached the high court earlier this year.

It came after Coleen accused Rebekah’s Instagram account of being behind the leaking of “false stories” about her private life to the media in October 2019 – something she denied and tried to sue for libel.

Actors will play the parts of the main protagonists – including Rebekah, Coleen, and their footballer husbands Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy – in the reconstruction, Channel 4 said.

Vardy v Rooney: A Courtroom Drama will also juxtapose the reconstructed courtroom scenes alongside analysis from the media and social media commentary.

Tom Popay, creative director at production company Chalkboard promised the drama-documentary would “bring the trial to life in such a unique way”, noting how “very few people actually got to see what happened inside the courtroom”.

“We’re hoping we can get to the bottom of how this case fascinated and amazed so many,” he said.

C4 commissioning editor Tim Hancock added: “The court transcripts are utterly compelling and give a deep insight into the relationship between celebrities and the media, as well as showing how far some people will go to protect their reputation.”

Both Rebekah and Coleen finished giving evidence in the nine-day trial back in May, although a ruling is still yet to be announced, despite a judgment by Mrs Justice Steyn originally expected within a few weeks.

An airdate for Vardy v Rooney: A Courtroom Drama will be announced in due course.


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