Waiters Share The Strangest Things People Have Ever Ordered In A Restaurant

We hope they left a tip.

We Brits aren’t renowned for kicking up a fuss in public places (especially in environments that might result in you having your food tampered with by a disgruntled member of staff).

But after reading this Reddit thread, it seems that most waiters have much bigger problems on their plate than you asking for the bill twice.

Here are some of the weirdest things ever asked for in restaurants.

“I work in a fancy restaurant, so I don’t get a lot of super weird, but what’s annoying and weird to me is coming to a restaurant that’s around $50/person and ordering water with lots of lemons and some sugar packets and then attempting to make your own lemonade there at the table to save two bucks. Either just drink water or just order a drink!”

“Two women ordered onion rings. The lady asked for a cup of the sauce at the bottom of the plate. Ma’am that is actually fryer grease not a sauce. She looked at him and said: ‘I don’t care what it is just get me a cup of it’. He went to the back, ladled out a soup cup of fryer grease and brought it out. The woman seasoned the grease with salt and pepper and went to town.”

“The weirdest order I got was from a guy who wanted a steak so well done that no juice would come out of it. Took like a half hour to grill it up that way and surprise surprise, it was really bad. It looked like I was giving him the sole of a shoe.”

“I used to work in an Indian takeaway. The number of people who’d call up and seemed to just order whatever the hell they wanted as if they’d never even looked at the menu. One guy called and tried to order a pizza. I assumed he had gotten the wrong number and told him we were an Indian food place. He was like: “Yeah that’s cool, just throw some Indian stuff on a pizza that’ll do!” No sir... it won’t.”