Realise that most of the time a waiter isn’t ignoring you ― they’re just busy.
Brexit may be overwhelming, but those giving us good service in bars, restaurants and hotels need us to give them good service in parliament and get on and sort these problems. In the meantime, best to leave cash if you want to be confident those who waited on you were able to benefit from your gratuity, or if you do use the electronic system always ask to make sure their employer won't be seeking to take a commission first.
Serving staff have taken to Reddit to share stories about the most horrendous customers they’ve ever had to deal with. From
Last year I spent a lovely couple of weeks in France with friends. Thankfully friends who understand that I shout at them and their children. My current shout-ism is "c**k", which we've managed to pretend is "cake", "cot" and "cod" amongst many others.
We Brits aren’t renowned for kicking up a fuss in public places (especially in environments that might result in you having
The zero hour contract means that staff can be cancelled from a shift at any time but if we cancel without 48 hours notice, money is docked from our pay - no matter the reason for absence. For those who are relying on money to pay rent, it can be a very stressful and difficult lifestyle.
Most Britons begrudge paying tips, regardless of the quality of service they receive, according to a survey. The poll found