Five-Year-Old Boy Visits Twin's Grave To Tell Him About His First Day At School In Heartwarming Photo

'He watches over me all the time.'

A five-year-old boy was pictured visiting his twin’s grave to tell him about his first day at school.

The photo of Walker Myrick, from Alabama, US, was taken four years ago, but his mum, Brook Myrick, recently shared the photo ahead of his 10th birthday in March.

Walker’s twin Willis died while in his mum’s womb at 24 weeks. He was killed by twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), where both babies share a placenta.

“He watches over me all the time,” said Walker. “He died because of TTTS but I love him.”


Myrick took the photo in 2012, when Walker had walked over to the grave and started talking about his day, of his own accord.

“It gives me a sense that he has a connection with his brother, it’s bitter sweet,” said Myrick.

The family shares photos of Walker visiting his brother’s grave on their Facebook page, ‘Walker and Willis Birthday Walk to Fight TTTS’.

They hope to raise awareness of the syndrome, as they didn’t know it existed before Willis died.

Every year on the twins’ birthday, the family hold a fundraiser walk to raise funds for the TTTS Foundation.

“We want to get those pregnant with twins to know about it so they can demand better care from their doctors,” Myrick told InsideEdition.

“We do the walk in the hope we can change it for somebody else.”

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