Want To Try TikTok's Custard Toast? Here's How To Get It Right

These recipes will take the viral food trend to the next, delicious level.
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It might sound like an usual food combination, but custard toast is doing the rounds on TikTok. The new viral trend has racked up 5.8 million views in a few days, with foodies lining up to give it a try.

Most custard toast recipes on the site use the same “cheat custard” recipe. Simply mix greek yoghurt with an egg and some honey and voilà, you’ve got a fast, custard-like mixture. You then flatten the surface of a piece of bread or brioche with the back of a fork before pouring the custardy mixture on top and baking for around 15 minutes at 180ºC.

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Mimi Morley, a development manager and culinary expert at HelloFresh, has shared four different ways we can make the viral dish even better.

“We had a lot of fun recreating some hearty flavours for the custard toast trend,” she says. “We took inspiration from some favourite desserts that pair well with custard, who doesn’t love apple crumble and custard?”

If you’d like to try custard toast out for yourself, keep reading.


“Banana is a go to for mixing with custard. The flavours match perfectly with toffee and make for a delicious treat after a meal. So, why not try this dessert classic on the new custard toast recipe?

“Simply add some sliced banana to the top of your custard toast before you bake it in the oven. Once it’s cooked, drizzle over some toffee sauce and enjoy!”

2. Rhubarb and Custard

“Recreate the retro dessert rhubarb and custard by adding rhubarb to your custard toast.

“To cook your rhubarb, trim it and cut it into chunks, scatter on a roasting tray so that they can lay in a single layer. Coat with sugar, cover with foil and cook in the oven for 15-20 minutes until soft. Bake your custard toast first and then add the cooked rhubarb on top afterwards.”

3. Apple crumble

“This one is utterly delicious! A new twist on the classic apple crumble, this recipe uses the crunchy crumble and sweet apples from the dessert as a topping for the custard toast.

“In a saucepan, place cubes of Bramley apples and cover in a good coating of sugar and cinnamon, as well as 2 tbsp water. Stew until the apples begin to mush.”

“To make the crumble, mix flour, sugar and butter in a bowl using your hands until you create a crumb-like texture. Place your cooked apples and crumb on top of the custard toast and bake for 15-20 minutes!”

4. School cake and custard

“Go old-school and recreate a childhood favourite, school cake, by adding glace icing and sprinkles to your custard toast.

“This scrumptious and nostalgic recipe calls for easy toppings. Simply make your glace icing using icing sugar and water and drizzle over your baked custard toast. Once you’ve done that, sprinkle over some colourful sprinkles and you’re good to go.”

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