Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Reveals A Hackable San Francisco And A November Release Date

Think GTA + Mr. Robot.

Watch Dogs 2 is official, sporting two new trailers and a release date of 15 November 2016.

Tapping into the extremely current themes of hacking, privacy and hacktivism the open-world sequel lets you take control of Marcus Holloway, a young hacker with extraordinary skills.


Using nothing but a smartphone and a laptop Watch Dogs 2 hands you the keys to San Francisco and its entire population.

While the original Watch Dogs allowed you to change traffic lights, control building's security systems and tap into certain people's lives it was limited in what you could control.

We're not being flippant here then when we say that if you can see it in Watch_Dogs 2, the chances are you can hack it.


That means reading people's personal emails, remotely controlling their cars or in extreme cases launching a virus so powerful it'll shut down the entire city.

As well as hacking you'll also be in control of an arsenal of gadgets including a quadcopter and a small remotely controlled vehicle.


While we don't know the specifics of the plot we do know that Holloway has been accused of a crime he didn't commit and has only one goal in life: To take down ctos 2.0, a massive 'Internet of Things' operating system which the city uses to control everything from the street lights to a building's air conditioning.

As part of a hacking collective called 'Dedsec', Holloway's goal is that of the classic hacktivist: Giving people their privacy back while bringing down the control of large corporations.


Of course while the Watch_Dogs series presents a very stylised image of hacking, it's actually presenting a world that in five years time could seem scarily real.

Hackers have already shown they can easily take control of a car and as more and more of our home appliances become WiFi-enabled security experts have warned of a scenario where hackers could take our entire home ransom.


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