Watch: Emily Thornberry Slams Theresa May's 'Lame Joke' AT PMQs

The prime minister refused to promise a vote on Brexit

Emily Thornberry slammed Theresa May for her “lame” joke at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), saying she had mislead the house.

The prime minister had suggested the shadow foreign secretary wanted a second referendum, saying: “I would have thought that Labour MPs would have learned this lesson”.

“You can ask the same question again, you still get the answer you don’t want”, she said.

But Thornberry tweeted that she was not in favour of a second referendum, and later repeated this in the chamber.

During Wednesday’s debate the prime minister refused to promise parliament would have a vote on the terms of Brexit, saying only that it would be able to “debate” the issue.

May avoided a question from Labour’s Angela Eagle on whether there would be a vote, and said: “parliament is going to have every opportunity to debate this issue”.

“The idea that parliament wasn’t going to be able to discuss and debate issues around Brexit was frankly completely wrong”, she said.

This comes ahead of Wednesday’s Opposition Day motion from Labour MPs Kier Starmer and Jeremy Corbyn, which “calls on the Prime Minister to ensure that this House is able properly to scrutinise that plan for leaving the EU before Article 50 is invoked.”

Labour has stepped up its attacks on the issue, last night publishing 170 unanswered questions for David Davis on the details of the terms of Brexit.

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