10/05/2016 19:36 BST

Watch Gay Cyclist Ryan Vance Shut Down Homophobic Hate Preacher In Glasgow

'You made the world a better place.'

A homophobic hate preacher has been shut down on the streets of Glasgow by a gay cyclist who said he did not need anyone's blessing but his own. 

In video posted on Facebook by Emlyn Pearce, a street preacher clutching a bible can be heard saying that the "99% need to stand up to the 1% that are gay".

Most shoppers ignore him, but after continuing to talk about the "immorality" of sexual sins, and how gay people are going to hell, a cyclist stops, and challenges him on his views.

Emlyn Pearce
The hate preacher encouraged Glasgow shoppers to stand up to gay people
Emlyn Peace
Cyclist Ryan Vance then shut the man down

The cyclist, who Peace has since identified as Ryan Vance, shouted at the preacher, "I’m gay! I’m gay, so say it to me."

After being told he should repent and find God's love, Vance retorted,"I love me, I don’t need a god to do it.”

Shoppers applauded the respose, as Vance rode off.  

Writing about the incident on Facebook, Pearce said: "I walk through Glasgow holding hands with my boyfriend all the time, and we have never experienced any homophobia.

"So to walk down the main shopping street and hear a man shouting that 'the 99%' need to stand up to the 1% who are gay' was very sad and very scary."

He said of Vance's stand against the hate preacher: "Then Ryan arrived and did that thing that we all like to think we'd do but few of us ever manage. He stood up to hatred and bigotry without any fear or hesitation.

"And Ryan is right, we all need to start by loving ourselves, and we don't need anybody else's permission to do that.

"Ryan Vance, as a gay man and a human being, I salute you: you made the world a better place. Thank you, sir - your pint awaits!"

The video has been viewed 67,000 times. 

In September last year a hate preacher was shut down in the most Scottish way possibly - by being drowned out by a bagpiper