WATCH: This Same-Sex Zulu Wedding Ceremony Will Win Your Heart

These students had the perfect wedding.
Conrad Mmotsa / University of Johannesburg

Students at the University of Johannesburg cheered in support when a same-sex couple got married on campus in a 'traditional' Zulu wedding ceremony last week.

The staged ceremony, organised as part of UJ's annual Diversity Week celebrations, began as a typical heterosexual wedding, but things quickly changed when someone in the audience stood up and objected to the marriage of the 'husband and wife'.

"The ceremony started as a heterosexual wedding as the bride walked down the aisle as Christina Perri's song A Thousand Years played in the background.

In an article about the wedding, writer Sanele Nkosi said: "Spectators were ululating and singing as the nuptials progressed."

"But things took a drastic turn when the officiant, Anthony Brown, asked if there were any objections to the union. That is when a loud angry voice shouted from the crowd in disapproval. It was actor Halala, the groom's long-time boyfriend."

"'You have betrayed me,' Halala said to the bride. 'You know Dumisane [the other groom] is my lover and we have been together for long, yet you still agreed to marry him.'"

Halala joined his partner in front and the two men eventually said their "I Do's" and the crowd cheered after their passionate kiss. The bride disappeared somewhere.

Watch the video below to see the full 'traditional' ceremony.


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