9 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Flirting With You

Take notes.

Admittedly Brits are not known for romantic sensibilities, ability to master small talk or charm each other into bed with poetry and prose.

Instead we always tended to opt for swipe right, 10 pints of dutch courage, and awkwardly shuffling out of their house before they wake up.

But it seems that now we have become so out of touch with our romantic side that we can’t even tell when people are flirting with us – that is, after men shared their most toe-curling experiences of missed signals on a Reddit thread.

So just to re-cap, these are the nine signs that someone probably wants to get in your pants.

1. They laugh at all your jokes, even the really crap ones.

2. They reply to all your texts, even when you’re being a complete bore.

3. They ask to spend time with you alone, on a daily basis.

4. They come to terrible social occasions just because they know you will be there.

5. They have tried to hug you in a handshake situation more than once.

6. They get drunk and put the heart emoji all over your Instagram.

7. They make time for you even when they are really busy and have zero seconds to spare.

8. They drop such unsubtle hints that even your mum notices.

9. They tell you they really fancy you.