13 Signs You Know You're A Book Person

Who needs Netflix?

Celebrating the wonderful things that mark us out as book people, voila:

1. When You Take A Whole Suitcase On Holiday Just For Books.

2. When You Have A Special Reading Chair At Home.

3. When Your Idea Of A Perfect Night In Doesn’t Involve Netflix.

4. When Someone Says They Prefer To Read On A Kindle And They Are Instantly Dead To You.

5. When Bookshelves Take Up More Space Than Your Wardrobe.

6. When Someone Steals Your Book Halfway Through And You Have To Resist Strong Temptation To Resort To Violence.

7. When You Don’t Mind Your Train Is Delayed Because You Get To Read The Next Chapter.

8. When You Never Listen To What People Are Saying Because You’re Too Busy Thinking About What’s Going To Happen Next.

9. When You Don’t Understand People Who Haven’t Read A Book Since They Left School. WTF It’s Not P.E.

10. When You’ve Taught Yourself To Multitask And Hold A Book.

11. When The Worst Thing Someone Can Do Is Interrupt You When You’re Reading.

12. When Books Are Just Your Happy Place.

13. When You Get To The End And You Just Want To Start All Over Again.

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