23/05/2018 12:12 BST

We Have Mixed Feelings About This Avocado On Toast Chocolate Bar

The price is painful.

We love avocado on toast (who doesn’t?), but a chocolate bar inspired by our favourite brunch treat may be a step too far, even for us.

The bar, created by Los Angeles-based chocolate shop Compartés, consists of white chocolate mixed with fresh Californian avocados, alongside crunchy pockets of caramelised toast. 

“There’s absolutely nothing else quite like it,” the Compartés website declares. 

We’re inclined to agree, but while the bar does sound tasty, its whopping price tag will probably put you off. 


Although the weight of the product isn’t listed, a single bar will cost you $9.95 (£7.45), which is pricey enough, but then UK customers have to factor in international shipping. Getting just one bar delivered to a UK address will set you back a further $34.03 (£25.49) making your total order a whopping $43.98 (£32.95). Yikes.

Think we’ll be sticking to actual avocado on toast for now.