The 82-year-old said the best way to eat avocado is in prawn cocktail.
Avocado. It’s a food, it’s a fad, it’s the reason millennials can’t afford houses. We eat it whole, we can eat it on pizza
This week M&S launched the stoneless ‘Cocktail Avocado’. That’s right, it’s an avocado without a stone - and the supermarket
Marks and Spencer has launched a stoneless avocado, potentially averting future chaos when it comes to ‘avocado hand’ - an
Forget smashing it on toast because the new way to eat avocado is in a bar of chocolate. While avocado chocolate hit headlines
You are what you... wear.
Beautifully styled avocado on toast has a new competitor for Instagram likes: the avocado necklace. Let us take your brunching
If you consider yourself an avocado connoisseur, the latest addition to Tesco’s fruit and veg aisle will certainly pique
Top of the list is asparagus. In the 16th century, it was widely believed that the shape of a particular food, gave a clue as to what it could be used for. Hence the phallic shape of the asparagus spear meant it must be good for sex.