The Time's Up Pin Is The Only Accessory Needed At The Golden Globes

Who are you wearing? 'Time's Up!'

You cannot miss politics at this year’s Golden Globes. Not least because many actors partaking in the new ‘Time’s Up’ sexual harassment initiative have found a way to visibly demonstrate they are standing in solidarity with women.

Many actors are expected to wear all black to the ceremony and accessorise with a pin stating “Time’s Up”.

Reece Witherspoon asked costume designer and stylist Arianne Phillips to design the pin, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Phillips then called her right hand jewellery designer Michael Schmidt to create the item.

Time’s Up, the anti-harassment coalition, which launched on Monday 1 January by hundreds of powerful Hollywood women - including Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman and America Ferrera - has already raised more than $14 million.

Phillips and Schmidt are not the only fashion creatives who want to be involved in the campaign.

Many fashion stylists and designers are now looking at the nearing Golden Globes date as a chance to create a new design in black to be a part of the campaign.

Some critics have stated fashion creatives are simply doing this to be a part of the hype, rather than to raise awareness of the cause, and they’ve criticised the actors partaking in the black dress protest for focusing on appearances.

In response to this ‘Parks And Recreation’ actor Rashida Jones has explained to InStyle: “I don’t think why we wear black is divisive as much as it is being discussed and debated without all the facts.

“Many women on the red carpet will discuss what’s important to them about their choice to protest and wear black.

“We wear black to stand in solidarity with our sisters and to say time’s up on this imbalance of power and the abuses that come with it, regardless of what industry you work in.

“It’s time for every workplace to look more like our world, where women have equal representation.”

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Actor Alyssa Milano has joined Jones by writing about the importance of inclusivity and understanding the problems women face outside of Hollywood too.

In a letter published in The Rolling Stone Milano stated: “We must address the systemic inequality and injustices in the workplace at large that have kept underrepresented groups silent.

“We will succeed if we are the voice for the voiceless. If we can use whatever power we have as influencers to represent every single woman — we will heal.”

The money from the Time’s Up fund will go towards a legal defence fund, which is vitally important as Milano explains: “the most important component of the healing process is legislation.

“We need laws in place that protect us. Laws that demand publicly traded companies are transparent with cover-up money... And there’s a lot of legislation that could set the foundation where people can say, ’You know what? Not only is this never going to happen to me again, this is not going to happen to my daughter ever.”

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Wearing the Time’s Up pin and being in all black is an act of protest via fashion.

As expressing oneself is entwined with style, wearing your politics on your sleeve or LBD is necessary in 2018.

You can support the cause by donating to the crowdfund here.

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