Wendy Williams Claims She Didn't Actually Fart Live On Air – But Not Everyone Is Buying It

It has something to do with a fish tank and an ill-fitting hose, apparently.

Earlier this week, Wendy Williams was renamed “Windy Williams” after seemingly passing wind live on her US daytime talk show.

The moment soon went viral across the globe, with people equally grossed out and amused at the clip.

But now Wendy has tried to claim that the story is a load of guff, coming up with an elaborate explanation as to why a parp-like sound could be heard on her show.

Dedicating a whole five-minutes of the most recent episode of her chat show to what she dubbed “fartgate”, Wendy insisted that she has “never” broken wind while on air, as she “barely farts”.

Wendy Williams seemingly farted on her show earlier this week
Wendy Williams seemingly farted on her show earlier this week

She said: “I don’t lean over like this to release a fart, I lean over like this because it’s comfortable. If I sit [straight up] all the time, it’s heavy on my spine. I like to release my hips and lean. I’ve been doing this for 11 years on this show.

“You know, I do a lot here on this show ... I shift my weight or I belch or rub my teeth ... [but] I have never done that once on the show.

“As a matter of fact, I barely fart. You know why? Gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching because all I do is talk.”

Wendy then insisted she would own up to her crimes if she had indeed let one go because “farts are always funny”, but added that the sound of supposed-fart would have left her needing to change clothes.

“My costume would be soiled beyond soiled-tivity,” she said. “I would have left a mark in my seat.”

She then tried to claim that someone must have “superimposed” a fart sound over the video, but then one of the show’s crew came forward with an even more unexpected version of events.

Explaining they were preparing for some description of chemistry experiment backstage for later in the show, Wendy’s “trusty” John Anderson said: “We were filling up a fish tank backstage and we didn’t have the proper hose.

“Air was just coming out and it was sputtering like someone was farting. So that’s what it was. It wasn’t Wendy!”

And while Wendy believed that had cleared things up, not everyone was buying it (sorry Wendy)...


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