23/03/2017 11:20 GMT | Updated 23/03/2017 11:21 GMT

Westminster Terror Attack: Woman Falls From Bridge As Suspect Ploughs Through Pedestrians In London

She was rescued and taken to hospital.

The terrifying moment a woman fell from Westminster Bridge as a car ploughed through pedestrians on Thursday was caught on film.

In the footage from a static BBC camera, the terror suspect’s car can be seen travelling at a high speed across the bridge.

Seconds later, a figure can be seen falling into the River Thames. 

It is not clear whether the woman jumped into the water or was knocked over the bridge. She was later taken to hospital after being pulled from the river.

Woman falls from Westminster Bridge as suspect ploughs through pedestrians in London.

PC Keith Palmer and teacher Aysha Frade have been named as among the victims of the attack.

The attacker, armed with two large knives, drove indiscriminately through pedestrians, including schoolchildren, before rushing at gates in front of the Houses of Parliament, stabbing Palmer before being shot dead by other officers.

Theresa May said those injured included 12 Britons, three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, two Greeks, and one each from Germany, Poland, Ireland, China, Italy and the United States. 

PA Wire/PA Images
Emergency personnel on Westminster Bridge, close to the Palace of Westminster, London.

Three police officers were also hurt, two of them seriously.

Seven people have been arrested and six addresses raided in London, Birmingham and elsewhere in connection with the attack.

On Thursday morning Londoners shared images on social media of life carrying on as normal following the attack on the capital.

Brendan Cox, widower of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, urged the British people not to “turn on” on each other, adding: “We have to remember that the person who did this is no more representative of British Muslims that the person that killed Jo is representative of people from Yorkshire.”