#WeWearWhatWeWant Photos Prove Plus Size Fashion Rules Are Made To Be Broken

'Your approval isn't necessary.'

Women are sharing photos of themselves wearing clothes they’ve ben told aren’t ‘suitable’ for their body type with the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant.

Whether it’s a crop top, denim shorts or a bikini. These ladies are proving that when it comes to fashion, the “rules” are made to be broken.

The trend was started on 23 July, by Simone Mariposa, a 23-year-old plus size model from LA, US.

Mariposa had been inspired by a story she heard from friend Vintage Honey, who had witnessed a woman openly smirking at a plus size woman who was wearing a summer dress

In response Mariposa tweeted: “Every plus size girl has had to bear the terrible brunt of being judged/policed for what we wear and how we wear it.

“Showing skin isn’t exclusive to smaller girls. It’s okay for a plus size women to let her body breathe in her clothing.”

And so #WeWearWhatWeWant was born.

The hashtag took off almost immediately.

Mariposa told Buzzfeed she hopes the hashtag sparks a wider conservation.

“There are countless people out there who still lack that self-love to break their own mental chains of low self-esteem, and women like us can possible help to change that. We can lead by example.”

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