03/02/2017 13:43 GMT

What Does The Colour Of Your Snot Mean? It Can Tell You How Sick You Are


If you’re currently sat surrounded by tissues and Lemsip, there’s a high possibility that your snot is looking pretty radioactive. 

The video above from the American Chemical Society explains that the colour of your snot can tell you different things about your body and help determine exactly how ill you are. 

Snot contains cells and compounds that help us power through a cold, the narrator explains.

When we get sick, our bodies begin to produce more mucus than normal to protect against viral or bacterial invaders. At this point, the consistency and colour of snot also changes. 

Here’s what the colour of your snot means:

:: Clean mucus signals that everything is normal - however if there’s a lot of it you may have a cold or allergy, according to The Cleveland Clinic. 

:: White mucus occurs when you’re congested, which could be because you have a cold or nasal infection. 

:: Yellow mucus could mean your body is starting to fight a cold or infection. A higher concentration of living and dead white blood cells cluster together to make it thicker.

:: Green mucus is normally due to the presence of an enzyme called myeloperoxidase, which helps produce powerful immune cells called neutrophils. If your snot is green, it means your body is working really hard to combat a viral infection. If you’re feverish or feel sick, or still experiencing green mucus after 12 days, you should see a doctor.

:: Red mucus means that you need to ease up on the nose-blowing. Small amounts of blood in your snot are no cause for concern. 

:: Black mucus could signal a serious fungal infection, especially if you’re not a smoker or user of illegal drugs. According to Cleveland Clinic specialists, black mucus can occur in people with compromised immune systems. Those experiencing it should speak to a doctor. 

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