27/07/2018 15:31 BST | Updated 27/07/2018 15:31 BST

What Happened When I Received Healing

Step outside of the ordinary and you may just find what you are looking for

Burak Karademir via Getty Images

There has been a theme over the years of wanting to “get better”, to understand myself, to recover from past traumas and things that I have held on to. I have always wanted to learn about the mind, the self, and spiritual awareness. Many times I visited counsellors and therapists. I always found, for me, that I would get so far and know that what I needed couldn’t be achieved in this way. Through talking alone. There was a feeling that something was held within the body, something that I was gripping on to. I spent lots of time reading about healing and body release therapies and ways to let go. Meditation has been a huge insight and support to my understanding.

It was a sunny afternoon a year or so ago that I found myself lying down in a cool, dark, relaxing room to receive healing. I honestly had no expectations and I am generally open to all experiences. As the deep and beautiful background music played, I began to find myself delving deeply inwards. Going within myself at a deeper level than I had previously experienced in meditation. I felt there was a pure and kind intention held within the room, a sense of safety and that anything was possible. I was able to let go of the tightly held aspects of myself for moments at a time, and let my awareness move and travel. There was almost a sense of dreaming at times.

That day something lifted, something that I had been holding on to for a very long time. I didn’t feel the need to understand, I just knew that I felt better, lighter and a little more in touch with my sense of self. The couple who give the healing sessions are kind and honest. They work in a way that doesn’t have a strong ego, a need to preach, or solve. They are providing people with an environment to let go, open up, and see to what needs to be released. We have come to believe that we recover from illness, discomfort and stress in certain ways. I realised that for me, it wasn’t so fixed. Each healing session that I have attended with these two gracious and knowledgeable people has taken me a step further. I will always be so grateful to them. No two sessions have been the same. As I lie down and allow, I become aware of energy shifting and changing in my body. I decided not to question it too much, once the logical scientific way of thinking comes in I really struggle to just go with the healing being offered to me.

Healing in its many forms has been around for lifetimes. You will find that there are so many different avenues to explore. The impact of intention and willingness to receive and be open to change is the starting point. I see so many people who would benefit from the opportunity to let go of tightly gripped experiences, limiting beliefs and past traumas. There are parts of us that get a little stuck. Sometimes we need help to move forward. Looking at things in a different way, opening my energy to allow movement and change has provided opportunity to see things with fresh eyes. I don’t feel quite so limited to what I have previously believed anymore. It’s always going to be work in progress, we are always growing and changing, but I encourage you to give alternative forms of healing a try. Step outside of the ordinary and you may just find what you are looking for.