Introducing Orange Wine, The Bright Beverage Shaking Up The Drinks Industry

It's perfect for summer

Forget red, white or rosé because there's a new wine in town - and it's an oh-so-summery colour.

Experts have said orange wine is set to take the UK drinks industry by storm.

According to the Orange Wine Festival (yes, that's a thing), orange wine is used to describe "a group of wines made of white grapes which are left in contact with grape skins over a longer period of time".

Orange refers to the colour the wine takes on from the grape skins, it has nothing to do with orange fruits.

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Although it's thought to have originated in the Anglo-Saxon period, orange wine has had something of a revival in the UK in recent months.

Amelia Singer, a wine expert from ITV's 'The Wine Show', said there are several reasons for its growing popularity.

"Firstly people are increasingly interested in where their food comes from, and this naturally influences what wines they drink," she said, according to The Telegraph.

"Secondly it's about food trends. At the moment there is a real trend for tapas-style dishes and sharing platters, and that means people want a wine that can accompany lots of different flavours."

She added: "People are becoming more adventurous, especially the younger generations. They're less put off by what their wines look like and more willing to try something new."

Last year, English winemaker Chapel Down launched the first orange wine to be produced in the UK in decades.

Josh Donaghay-Spire, a winemaker from the company, said the wine is perfect for anyone looking for "something a little bit different".

"We're a modern winery making modern wines but that doesn't mean we can't make wines the way it was done thousands of years ago too," he said, according to the Daily Mail.

"The taste is smoky and it has a texture to it too. The volume of orange wine we make is small in comparison to the rest of our wine but the reaction to it has been brilliant.

"It is a unique style of white wine with an interesting tannic edge that is rarely found in white wine and this can split opinion with wine drinkers."

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