What Serena Really Needs Is Some Down Time Like All Of Us Mums

She’s just thrown the wedding of the year, had a baby, and word is she is preparing to return back to work in the New Year.

So Serena Williams is not that different from most of us mere mortals then... honest!

Being a first time mum is not easy. Organising your own life is a task in itself, let alone being responsible for a new bundle of joy.

While it is fantastic she is planning to return to the tennis courts, pronto, and even be back at Wimbledon smashing it for summer 2018, there’s something so important she must not forget.

Take some time out for some One Love. Self Love. Mummy time. You time.

We all need it.

Or you can get sick. No joke. It sounds extreme, but it’s true.

It’s so easy to get lost in a routine of caring for your baby, your partner, juggling getting back to work or if you’re a stay at home mum, (I take my hat off to you) that can be exhausting too.

Dealing with sleep deprivation from a baby, toddler tantrums and constantly worrying about milestones is enough to bring on a hernia.

And don’t get me started on that ‘sleep when they sleep’ madness, it’s all a myth.

So taking time out of your day to breathe is a must.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to your post-baby body too.

You are incredible - you have just grown a human being inside of you - so wear those stretchmarks like a badge of honour - because you are badass.

Remember many of the celebrities (not Serena) you see with a seemingly ‘snap back’ figure have access to plastic surgeons for ‘Brazilian butt-jobs’ where they lipo out your tummy fat and stick it in your booty. So don’t worry. As long as you are keeping fit, on the move every day, and eating right, you will eventually feel like your old self. So learn to love the new you.

Whether you’re a wild one and need to let off steam with a good old knees up with your girlfriends, then schedule that in. It will help you feel like you again.

If the romance has gone amiss among the piles of washing up in the kitchen sink, then book a grandma, cousin or babysitter and get down to the cinema or for a yummy dinner.

If you need to relax and totally de-stress then look for a yoga or work-out class that is near your home. Actually classical music is a good shout. If you can get to the Royal Albert Hall they are hosting Christmas carol concerts with a full orchestra and choir that will relax you and your mum friends in no time. That will certainly put you in the mood for spreading some Christmas cheer at home with the kiddies, instead of being a bah humbug.

The most important thing for new mums to remember, is to laugh. Simple really, but so effective. Find things to make you chuckle, phone a friend who you know will help you raise a smile even on the rainiest of days. Pause for a minute and look for the funny side when your child is doing something that might usually make you mad. Cos if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Good luck to all the mums out there, it’s time to kick start Operation You. You’ve got this.