What Your Snapchat Filter Really Says About You

Flower crown needs to stop now.

Unless you've been living under a rock without wi-fi, you'll be familiar with Snapchat.

This is the app that allows us to procrastinate more than any other, and at the same time, makes us feel incredibly OLD.

Although we frequently feel out of our depth (Snapcode WTF?!) the saving grace of Snapchat are the filters that anyone with a finger can use. And boy, do we all have our favourites.


But what does your filter say about you?

1. The Dog

Like a sexy Biker Mice From Mars but doggy style. For when you want to pretend you're fun and spontaneous (LOOK I HAVE EARS) but actually you know this filter makes your skin look flawless.


2. The Sad Face

For when you're feeling sorry for yourself and want to eat a Dominos and cry into your pillow. Instead you'll send the sad face to your friends to get some reassurance that you won't be single forever.


3. The Nerd

For when you know you're a 10/10 stunner but you don't want people to think you're unrelatable. Smart move brainbox.


4. The Nose

For when you just want to say "look how seriously I don't take myself"...but I hope you're noticing how glossy my skin looks in this harsh lighting.


5. The Flower Halo

For when you want to talk at length but you know you have absolutely nothing to say and you're hoping people won't notice cuz y'know, flowers.


6. The Loaf

When you can't decide between being bread or a baby (or you've lost your shit and don't know how to articulate it).


7. The Mouse

For when you want to tell the world "I am just such a laugh". Or "It was my crackers in the drawer that led to our current mouse infestation, tee hee".


8. The Cat

For when you're at home and someone starts a Snapchat convo but really you want to say "Shut up I'm watching Love Island."


9. The Red Lip

For when you want a subtle glam look and you're hoping no one will notice.


10. The Flower Crown

The biggest offender of them all. You are the most basic and unoriginal filter. Just STOP with the flower crown.