What To Binge-Watch If You're Staying Indoors, As Recommended By Team HuffPost

Whether you're in the mood for a nostalgic drama, a fascinating doc or just some guilt-free reality TV, we've got you covered.

With much of the country choosing to spend more time indoors as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, the need for some good boxsets has never been greater.

But with so many streaming services these days (not to mention the upcoming Disney+), actually choosing what to watch can often be a little overwhelming.

To make your decisions easier, we asked around the HuffPost UK office for the shows our team has been binging on over the last few weeks.

So whether you’re after a classic 00s drama, a fascinating documentary or just some guilt-free reality telly, our recommendations should have you covered...

Drive To Survive – Netflix

Recommended by Lisa Golden, Video producer

As someone who has taken absolutely no notice of Formula One my entire life, this documentary series is so engaging and exciting. It has all the trappings of a brilliant scripted drama – high stakes, huge egos, danger, speed, power plays, everything. It’s really accessible for people who aren’t into sport and is a fascinating insight into the world of racing. You get to know the drivers, the stars of the F1 world but who ultimately take direction from their team principles, who in turn often have team owners to answer to when their team does poorly.

Not knowing who won any of the races also means I’m normally clutching my couch cushions yelling at my laptop at the end of every episode which normally ends in a nail-biting race.

Home – All4

Recommended by Paul Waugh, Executive editor, Politics

Home, a comedy/drama about a Syrian refugee who turns up in the back of an English suburban family’s car on their return from holiday, is truly wonderful.

Written by and starring Rufus Jones (W1A), it’s both very funny and very moving. It hasn’t had the publicity other shows have, but it’s a real treat. And best of all if you’ve missed it, there are TWO seasons, so it’s very manageable.

Escape To The Chateau – All4

Recommended by Matt Bagwell, Head of Entertainment

The great thing about being late to the party when it comes to a TV series is that you can blissfully binge series after series – which is exactly what I’ve been doing with the brilliant Escape To the Chateau. The other great thing about this Channel 4 show, which is now six series in after debuting in 2016, is it provides pure escapism from the real world – something we could all do with right now.

In a nutshell, the series follows husband and wife Dick and Angel, who move to France and buy a 19th century chateau. As you do. We follow them – and their two young children – as they restore the 19th-century Château de la Motte-Husson to its former glory, thanks to Dick’s engineering skills and Angel’s eye for design. It’s basically a Changing Rooms/Location Location Location/A Place In the Sun hybrid fairytale, and quite how I’ve existed without this show in my life until now is a mystery.

Ladhood – BBC iPlayer

Recommended by Harry Slater, Head of Audience

All you really need to know about Liam Williams’ Ladhood is that Kathy Burke – Kathy Burke! – praised his tender BBC Three comedy for its “brilliant writing and perfect cast”.

Adapted from radio, Ladhood follows Liam as a grownup and teenager through flashbacks that trace issues in his present day life back to his suburban adolescence in Garforth. It’s like a smarter, more touching Inbetweeners, without being painfully woke.

Love Is Blind – Netflix

Recommended by Daniel Welsh, Entertainment reporter

You might have heard about Netflix’s weird and wonderful dating show Love Is Blind, which sees single folks getting engaged to complete strangers that they’ve never actually met face-to-face.

The whole thing is as wild as it sounds, packed with moments as fittingly outrageous as the original premise would suggest, but as the episodes roll on, you also find yourself rooting for some of the unlikely couples too. Plus, what more appropriate a time is there to watch love blossom between people who are in isolation?

House Of The Year – All4

Recommended by Brogan Driscoll, Life editor

If you’re a fan of Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs, may I introduce you to House Of The Year. Kev and his RIBA pals (that’s the Royal Institute of British Architects to you and me) tour the UK to view a shortlist gorgeously designed houses, before they crown the winner at the end of episode four.

In each episode you get five properties for the price of one, without any of the “will they finish the build on time?” anxiety. Great if you’re both nosy and impatient, like me.

At Home With The Braithwaites – BritBox

Recommended by Ash Percival, Entertainment editor

I’m still absolutely smarting that neither Bad Girls or Footballers’ Wives have yet made their way onto BritBox, but there’s still some hidden gems among the BBC and ITV’s subscription service. One such example – nestled between the usual suspects like of Gavin & Stacey and Absolutely Fabulous – is early 00s comedy/drama At Home With The Braithwaites.

Starring Amanda Redman and Peter Davidson, it follows the Braithwaite family after whose lives are turned on their heads when mum Alison wins £38 million on the lottery – even if it takes her a while to let on that she’s scooped the jackpot. But as slowly becomes apparent, money doesn’t always erase your problems, as the family still have to navigate a series of domestic and personal nightmares.

Big Little Lies – Amazon Prime

Recommended by Rachael Revesz, acting Opinion editor

Meryl Streep plays the slightly creepy, determined and sly mother of the now deceased husband of Nicole Kidman’s character.

Her screaming at the dining room table was one of the best TV moments of the past 10 years for me. Plus, Laura Derne’s epic breakdown with her husband was such a good subplot. Brilliant.

Peep Show – All4 / Netflix

Recommended by Becky Barnes, Audience editor

I’d always suggest rewatching the greatest show ever made – Peep Show. If you haven’t seen this sitcom before, it stars a pre-global fame Olivia Colman as Sophie, alongside David Mitchell and Robert Webb as Mark and Jeremy.

Not safe for work, not safe for kids, not safe for watching with your parents – but if you need a dark laugh or 10, it’s perfect.

The Stranger – Netflix

Recommended by Jacqui Housden, News editor

A classic ‘squeaky-clean suburban life is actually hiding a terrible secret’ drama, this has everything you need for a cheap thrill. The dialogue is dreadful, the acting is barely average, but that gives another layer of unintended comedy, to what is a very gripping series.

Catastrophe – All4

Recommended by Brogan Driscoll, Life editor

Following a one night stand that ends up lasting for a week, Sharon finds out she’s pregnant with Rob’s child. He relocates to London from the US (they’d met when he was travelling on business) to give things a go. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, but somehow they make it work.

I love how flawed both of their characters are – she’s self-centred and hot headed; he’s an alcoholic who works for an evil pharmaceutical company – and they surround themselves with equally terrible friends and family. It makes me laugh out loud at every episode.

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney co-wrote and starred in this masterpiece. I’m just gutted there isn’t a fifth series… yet.

Love Island series 3 – BritBox

Recommended by Ash Percival, Entertainment editor

I tell anyone that will listen that the third series of Love Island was a gift sent from the reality TV gods, so if you’ve only got into the show recently – or indeed have a Love Island-shaped hole in your heart following the finale of the winter series – I urge you to check it out.

As I’ve previously written about, it boasts some of the most iconic Islanders in the show’s history who bring the laughs and dramz in equal measure.

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