Women In Low-Cut Tops Are More Likely To Get Job Interviews

Yay, sexism!

Hey ladies, want to land that dream job interview. Forget hours honing your CV and nailing those cover letters - all you have to do is flash some flesh.

No seriously.

New research has shown that women are five times more likely to get a job interview if they're wearing a low-cut top. *Facepalm*

grinvalds via Getty Images

According to a newly-published study from Paris-Sorbonne University, the more cleavage women show in the recruitment process, the more likely they are to get a job interview.

Over a period of three years, researchers responded to hundreds of sales and accounting job adverts using two fictional female candidates with almost-identical CVs and experience.

The only difference - one wore a low-cut top in her CV photo (which are commonly used in France), while the other wore a higher-neck style.

The images used by the researchers
The images used by the researchers
Paris-Sorbonne University

Depressingly, the research found that more cleavage equalled more interest from recruiters.

From the 200 sales role applications, the low-cut submissions received 62 more interview offers and from the 200 accountancy applications there were 68 more interview offers for the woman in the slightly more revealing outfit.

Looks like we're still living in the 1950s then.

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