When To Take Annual Leave In 2018 To Get The Most Days Off Work

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If you want to make the most of your annual leave in 2018, we’d highly recommend booking a holiday around May.

Thanks to the way the bank holidays fall, you could get a whopping 24 days off from work in a row by using up just 14 days of leave.

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The secret to this epic break is working your final pre-holiday day on Friday 4 May.

You’ll then begin your 24 days off work (including weekends) on Saturday 5 May and won’t have to return to work until Tuesday 29 May. That’s because 2018′s May bank holidays fall on Monday 7 May and Monday 28 May.

Feeling confused? Our handy calendar numbering which days to book off will make everything clear 👇

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Alternatively you can nab yourself 14 days off in a row using up just eight days of leave by utilising the Easter bank holidays.

Work your last day on Friday 23 March and return to work on Monday 9 April to take full advantage of Good Friday, Easter Monday and three weekends.

Bring on 2018.

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