Where Can I Buy Elf On The Shelf UK? Find Adoption Centres Near You

Get it before 1st December.

The first thing to learn about Elf on the Shelf is that you don’t “buy” one, you adopt one. Therefore, you get them from “adoption centres” not “shops” (although they essentially are just shops).

So if you’ve seen Elf on the Shelf cropping up on Facebook and you’re willing to give it a go this year, make sure you get your elf in time for the 1 December when all the fun kicks off...

On Elf on the Shelf’s dedicated website, search to find your nearest adoption centre. You just need to type your location into the field to find the Santa-approved adoption centres closest to you.

You’ll then get presented with a map scattered in elf heads to see where your nearest adoption centre is.

Want ideas for your elf this year? Head to our Elf on the Shelf hub here.


Parents are advised to contact the adoption centre directly to make sure the elves aren’t out of stock.

When we did a quick search, it seems you can pick up an elf from chain stores such as WH Smiths, Sainsbury’s, Mothercare; toy shops such as Smyths and Hamleys; and many independent local shops too.

If you want to buy online, you can buy one from the Elf on the Shelf website here for £22.95, and choose the gender, skin and eye colour of your elf. You can also buy it off Amazon.

As all parents know, with any popular toy comes a lot of merchandise to go with it. There are elf pets (for £19.95) – part of a new box set which encourages children to perform acts of kindness throughout the Christmas season alongside the pet included in the set. And elf clothes (from £11.95) so your elf can sport a different outfit each day.