Abort! White House Guard Takes Cover After Lightning Strikes

The marine was clearly not a fan of the weather.

A White House guard was caught on camera neatly marching indoors just seconds after a lightning strike made him jump.

CSPAN’s Jeremy Art tweeted: “Lightning strikes outside White House as Marine Sentry stands his post.”

The guard clearly started at the sudden boom of thunder and lightning. Just seconds later, he swiftly stepped towards the door he was guarding and walked away inside.

He did not drop his stately mannerisms for a moment.

A series of hilarious comments followed, with many Twitter users pointing out how that was the most “professional ‘nope I’m out’ the world will ever see”.

One Twitter user added a soundtrack with the lyrics, “hell to the no”.

Others backed the guard’s swift exit, and said it was “needlessly harsh” for the guard to have to stand outside in such weather.

The 19-second clip was viewed more than 2.7 million times in less than 24 hours and racked up 41,100 likes.

Art then shared another video a few minutes later, of a Marine Sentry standing outside the White House again as rain poured down around him.

Evidently, he had a change of heart.