Who Is Jack Maynard? I'm A Celebrity's Most Famous Contestant You've Never Heard Of

He's also got quite a famous brother.

Every year, there is always at least one ‘I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!’ contestant that has everyone crying ‘Whoooooo?’, and this year that spot is filled by Jack Maynard.

But the 22-year-old is probably the most famous jungle campmate you’ve never heard of, and that’s because he’s famous on YouTube.

As a vlogger, Jack has a army of online fans and his upcoming stint on the ITV reality show looks set to turn him into a household name - for a few weeks at least.

As he prepares to enter the jungle, here’s a handy 9 Facts In 90 Seconds guide to help you get to know him a little better...

Jack Maynard
Jack Maynard

1. He has a famous brother

You may have already picked this up from his surname, but he is the younger brother of singer Conor Maynard.

Connor had a number one album in 2012, and had had five top 10 UK hits, including ‘Can’t Say No’ and ‘R U Crazy’.

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2. He has a ridiculous amount of followers

He had 1.2million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and has created over 100 videos.

He’s also big on Instagram and Twitter too, with over 700,000 and 600,000 followers on each respective social media site.

3. He’s a fitness fanatic

Before he began his online career, Jack worked as a personal trainer. While he’s obviously moved on to different things, he still likes to work out, certainly if his Instagram is anything to go by.

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4. He’s musical just like his brother too

We’re not sure this is meant to be the most entirely serious outfit in the world, but Jack teams up with his brother to perform as GOAT on his channel, and one of his most recent posts was a song called ‘Fast Car’, which is even available on Spotify.

Connor also regularly pops up in other videos on Jack’s channel, with them carrying out various pranks and siblings challenges.

5. He is the first vlogger to ever be invited to do ‘I’m A Celeb’

And that is something he is pretty excited about -

“You can’t get anything more high profile than this and it’s going to lead to so
many other great opportunities. I can’t wait to find out what!” he says.

“To be the first vlogger is a game changer. Hopefully I can do the Internet proud. You are respected by the younger generation and YouTube is changing the game. By doing this programme, it’s going to be nice to show older viewers what vloggers are all about.”

6. He has also been establishing himself as a DJ

As well as hosting his own show on Capital Radio with his brother, Jack has also been taking to the decks, playing his first set in March this year.

7. He’s single, but isn’t looking for love in the jungle

“Where I am in my life right now and all the work I am doing, getting into a relationship would be a poor decision. I am focused on me and growing myself as much as possible,” he explains.

But what about a jungle fling? “What happens in the jungle stays in the jungle apart from all the people watching it,” he jokes. “But to be in a place for such a long time with a group of people… Anything can happen…”

8. He is going to celebrate his birthday in camp

The little whippersnapper will be turning 23 while in the jungle, with his birthday on 23 November.

9. He’s probably not going to fare well in the Bushtucker Trials

“I am scared of everything,” he says. “I am going to find out what phobias I have whilst doing this show and what I am most scared of.”

Rather you than us, Jack.

‘I’m A Celebrity’ launches on Sunday (19 November) at 9pm on ITV.

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