09/06/2017 05:42 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 13:59 BST

Who Is Lord Buckethead, Theresa May's Main Maidenhead Opposition, Kind Of?

One of his pledges was to bring back Ceefax.

Theresa May appears to have made a monumental cock-up in calling a snap election, but on the plus side the Conservative Prime Minister was re-elected to represent the constituency of Maidenhead.

Not so fortunate was Lord Buckethead, who won 249 votes, a personal record apparently.

Here’s everything we know about him:

1) He doesn’t have a face - yet still looked happier than Theresa May.

2) He has the best party slogan by miles


3) He enjoys a game of bowls...

4) ... and a pub quiz

5) They may or may not be the same Lord Buckethead that stood for election twice before

A Lord Buckethead stood against Margaret Thatcher in Finchley in 1987 (131 votes)...


... and again in 1992 against John Major.


6) He might not even be a he

It’s hard to tell but careful analysis of the following clip reveals a slightly masculine but surprisingly high-pitched voice


7) It’s definitely a bucket on his head despite what Dave thinks

8) He gets the train just like us humans

He sings about it in his party political broadcast, obviously.

9) One of his pledges was to bring back Ceefax