01/05/2018 12:29 BST | Updated 01/05/2018 13:56 BST

'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' Introduces New Lifeline Involving New Host Jeremy Clarkson

He won't just be asking the questions.

‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ bosses are introducing new twists to tie in with the arrival of new presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

As part of the new changes, it has been announced that the rebooted version of the classic ITV gameshow will feature the addition of a fourth lifeline.

As well as the usual ‘Ask The Audience’, ‘Phone A Friend’ and ’50/50′ lifelines, players will have the opportunity to ‘Ask The Host’ as they play for the top prize of £1 million.

Jeremy Clarkson will be put on the spot with Millionaire's new lifeline

They will be able to ask Jeremy if he knows the answer or if he has an opinion on what it might be. However, as he never sees the questions ahead of the contestants, there is no guarantee he will know the answer.

A second twist will allow players to set their own safety net amounts to better secure their chances of taking home money. 

There will still be a fixed safety net at £1,000, but once players hit question five, they will be given the opportunity to choose the next stage at which their money will be safe. 

Traditionally, the second safety net was automatically set at £32,000. 

Speaking about the changes, Jeremy admitted he wasn’t exactly feeling confident about helping contestants to victory. 

“God help them,” he said. “Anyone who doesn’t win £1 million is bound, at some point, to ask me if I know the answer. And if it’s 1970’s prog rock music, I probably will. If it’s anything other than that, I probably won’t.”

The classic ITV gameshow is returning for a set of 20th anniversary specials on Saturday (5 May), which will run across the week. 

Jeremy is succeeding previously host Chris Tarrant in the role, who presented the show from its inception in 1998 until it ended in 2014. 

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