06/05/2018 08:43 BST

'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?': Jeremy Clarkson Impresses Viewers As Hit Show Returns

Did you tune in?

Jeremy Clarkson proved to be a hit with fans when ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ returned on Saturday (5 May) night. 

Replacing Chris Tarrant, who fronted the show for the entirety of its initial 30-series run, Clarkson soon got comfortable on the iconic set, making quips about Richard Hammond and Donald Trump. 

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss the new host’s efforts, with many (somewhat begrudgingly...) admitting he wasn’t doing too badly: 

The role is Clarkson’s first terrestrial TV job since he was sacked by ‘Top Gear’ bosses in March 2015. 

‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ has been revived for one week only to celebrate its 20th anniversary and the host isn’t the only thing that’s changed as the format has also been spruced up with two alterations.

The first is the addition of a ‘Ask the host’ lifeline, which gives them the chance to ask for Clarkson’s help. 

In episode one, a contestant called on the host for assistance when a cricket question was asked, and was suitably chuffed when Jeremy answered it correctly. 

It wasn’t exactly a big money episode though, with ITV giving away just £10,000, split between three contestants. 

A second twist allows players to set their own safety net amounts to better secure their chances of taking home money. 

There is still a fixed safety net at £1,000, but once players hit question five, they have the opportunity to choose the next stage at which their money will be safe. 

Traditionally, the second safety net was automatically set at £32,000.