A Lot Of People Are Masturbating During Work And This Is The Reason Why

Would you get off during work hours?
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How do you like to relax during the working day? If you’re working from home you can take a nice stroll during the daytime. How about having a cup of tea? Or watching a bit of TV? Well it seems like some people have a completely different way of finding release...

A whooping 7.4 million Brits masturbate during work hours, according to a new survey of workers.

The survey revealed that 14% of Brits have masturbated when they were supposed to be working, with men being three times more likely to do so than women. If you scale up the survey of 2,000 people to represent the country’s workforce, that’s more than 7 million people.

Those aged 25 to 34 are most likely to masturbate at work, according to the research, with 27% of those who admit to doing so falling in this age category. The number drops to 18% among 35- 44-year-olds and 15% among 45- 54-year-olds.

Married people are more likely to masturbate more during work hours (three times per week) compared to single people, and married people are doing so for longer (38 minutes on average).

But why are people choosing to use work time to pleasure themselves?

The most common reason provided by over a third of respondents was: “Masturbating during work hours helps me relieve stress.”

A quarter (24%) say it “enhances mood,” while 20% say they do it because they feel “comfortable and unashamed”.

“While we don’t condone people masturbating while they’re being paid to work, many of the 7.4 million Brits that have admitted to doing so have shared positive outcomes to pleasuring while on the clock,” James O’Loan, pharmacist and CEO at Chemist4U, who carried out the survey, says.

“This comes as no surprise given the fact that there are many surprising health benefits of orgasms. Your brain releases Oxytocin when having an orgasm, which helps the body to relax by lowering your blood pressure and your cortisol levels – showing there is some science behind why a third of people said masturbating during work hours helps relieve stress.”

If you’re a business owner, it’s worth knowing that people masturbating during company time could cost you a fair amount. UK businesses, as a collective, lose over £154 million each week on average paying employees while they masturbate on company time, the researchers said.

Brits admitting to pleasuring themselves during work hours are masturbating, on average, 2.19 times each week. Based on the average UK salary of £25,300, with an average of 36 working minutes spent masturbating each time, on average people are paid £128 per year to masturbate.

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